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To clarify…

I wanted to come back and clarify that I am not blogging here to recommend any particular diet program.  Each person is totally capable of finding what works for them without me butting in and giving my fifty cents worth (inflation).  Pretty much any program will work if a person will stick to it until all the weight is off, rain or shine, pounds off or pounds on, blowing it, making it, just plugging away, plugging away until reaching goal weight.  And, of course, that means eating right AND exercising AND drinking plenty of water. 

What I blog about are the mind-games I have gone through while working to lose weight.  I point out how it is I can start and quit so many programs without breaking a sweat (hmmm, may be another reason right there why I couldn’t lose the weight).  I chit chat about how I lied to myself and fooled myself and tricked myself and… all the reasons why I started a program, quit a program, lost a pound, and gained back 10.

There has to be SOME REASON I did this – and why the obesity rate is sky high in the United States – and I am here to journal my trip back into my Little Black Dress, believing hope some insight will shine through and point out why, why, why I got in this position in the first place!  I am totally transparent and tell you my ups, downs, the shining good news and the black hole yuck news.  I share victories and those moments when I freak out in the cookie aisle not even knowing how I got to the cookie aisle in the first place. 

Maybe somewhere in here you will see some patterns you have developed in your own life.  Maybe my victories can help you get your own!  Maybe you will see something that will give you the epiphany moment and help you on your own journey back into your LBD!

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