So if you recall our non-trusting girl in the picture above from last week’s post you realize I went into my relationship with Alpha Hubby being quite piled high with luggage and trust issues.

Yesterday (TMI coming) right smack dab in the middle of a VERY personal moment with Alpha Hubby, I tuned in to the song playing on his phone.  In Young Love, Strong Love (video below), the lyrics were, “That night as he held her, he couldn’t believe God had had made a girl that he’d never, ever leave” – and I began to cry.

I’m sure this was very disconcerting for Alpha Hubby, given his position (heh heh), but he’s used to songs wiping me out. It didn’t used to be this way but he has cracked the shell off my heart and exposed the ooey gooey inner workings of the true me.

Tears used to be way too much exposure. Letting someone see you in a weakened state was not a “safe” place for me in the past. I learned to hide all my emotions and true thoughts from everyone around me. I still do to a point, but not with Alpha Hubby.

Why the tears? Well, he picks out songs to play for me – to help express what he feels for me. Those words overwhelmed me because his love for me is overwhelming. Later on during the afterglow he pointed how vital it is that he plays those songs for us to hear.

It is an affirmation of what he feels for me, a reminder to us both of the importance of what we have together. It keeps our love at the forefront of our minds so we don’t lose what we have.

Hero” by Julio Iglesias, two I picked for him that he likes, “Mama He’s Crazy” and “Young Love (Strong Love)” by The Judds, and so many others he surprises me with. “Hero” always chokes me up because he has been mine, a hero I used to only fantasize about.

God gave me a supernatural love affair with an amazing man. We know how it works – covenant – but sometimes we still talk about how amazing it is that 23+ years ago God led us to one another.

Alpha Hubby had to work through some issues with me but he was graced to be exactly what I needed.

I’ll save the next “purge” memory (the grope guy at the drive-in & my exposing landlord) for the next post. I just wanted to share a private moment of truth, part of the Touch that changed my life.