I finally had to break down and purchase an electronic scale:

Scale with platform (what I got)

and scale with removable bowl.

One of the most important things I’ve learned about myself is that I really can’t visualize the right portion sizes.  I was not measuring my food.  I was guessing.  So, of course I was eating far more than I was supposed to.

It isn’t that bad when you’re talking broccoli – but when it comes to the meat, cereal, or assorted side-dishes you are allowed to eat, eating too much is bad ju-ju when you’re trying to get back into your little black dress.  I’m not going to argue with people who don’t believe in eating meat.  I am simply going to say, “If you eat meat, fish, chicken, etc., measure it so you know how much you are eating.”

So somewhere down the line, you will need to invest in a good scale – electronic or otherwise.  Someday you might be able to visualize how many ounces a piece of steak is without any trouble.  Until that day comes – after you are in your little black dress – then you might be able to put that scale away.  Just remember, this is one of the reasons you outgrew that little black dress – portion sizes.

It is more important to take the time to measure and weigh your food than it is to guess.  YOUR EYES LIE TO YOU.  They are in cahoots with your stomach to get as much food into you as possible.  And your stomach will never tell you, “That’s enough food, we don’t want any more.”

You did not gain the weight by being correct in your guesses, did you!?  I now have to measure everything that goes into my mouth.  I found out I was wrong about everything when it comes to portion sizes.