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Was I Cheating?

I don’t know how to tell you this. It’s very hard for me. Being this transparent on the internet means that it is all out there for everyone to know about, forever. No matter what it is, for-ev-er! I am constantly amazed what people say on the internet without thinking it might come back someday and bite them in the… employment market.

Anyway, I met up with an old friend today. I was supposed to be there yesterday but I used the snow as an excuse not to meet. It was a very clandestine meeting – one Alpha Hubby wasn’t supposed to find out about. I didn’t want him to know about meeting this old friend. He’d been upset with a simple “how-de-do” I’d given to one a few years back.*

But I couldn’t stay away. It’s bad enough when you crave chocolate, but when you begin to craving the thrill of meeting up with old friends, I have to tell you – it’s hard to ignore. Old friends are sometimes very, very good for you. They build you up. They remind you of old times – especially when you were on the very best of terms and met every day – sometimes skipping lunch to meet. They remind you of your youth and better days gone by. They remind you of when you looked and felt your best. They help you in ways other people and things have hindered you.

After meeting with my old friend, I was so *HOT* that it actually felt good to be out in the snow. Alpha Hubby stuffed a snowball down my top – and it felt sooo good against my heated body. Mmmmm. I didn’t even feel guilty twinges going from my old friend to Alpha Hubby. As long as he didn’t know, I could keep it up.**

But… he found out.  To say he wasn’t happy is an understatement.  He stared at me in shock.  He couldn’t believe I’d met up with my old friend.  He was absolutely gob smacked – you know, utterly astounded – that I’d gotten away with it and he didn’t find out until afterward.

I mean it. He wasn’t happy – he was totally … ECSTATIC.

Yep. I was glad to meet up with my old friend that I hadn’t seen much of since last year. Early last year.

P1060118     P1060123

This meeting prompted me look fondly on another newer-old friend I’ll be looking up and using – in about a month.  Remember, I’m doing that “make a new habit” thing – doing something for 30 days, establishing it as a habit before moving on to the next thing I need to change in my life.


I was so excited to meet up with my old friend that I might even dig up the information I need to meet up with this old friend – one I met at Christmas… TWO years ago.  Isn’t that pathetic?  But someday I will go the step further and strip off… the outer package!!


*How-de-do as in looking at the treadmill, talking to the treadmill, but never getting ON the treadmill.
**Truth is, I’ve started and quit so many programs, I really wanted to start the treadmill and just DO it before telling him about it first – to surprise him with an established fact. It really didn’t work out that way since he was in and out of the sunroom and knew I was on it. Took a little poetic license here. I do know he’s hoping it will “stick” this time!

10 thoughts on “Was I Cheating?

  1. You had me sucked into your intrigue!

    You have GOT to free that Wii Fit sports package!!!! Free it NOW! Its suffocating in there. LOL. I love ours and use it all the time.

  2. Ha Nan … You had me at “Cheating!
    Good for you! I'm sure the old friend is just as glad to see you!!! One day at a time … Keep up the great work!
    I think I'm dusting off my Wii and get back to it! I'll just hate it though, when it says to me, 'It's been a while,” in it's velvet smooth sarcastic better-than-thou voice!

    1. Or how about, “You have gained weight since you last stepped on 100 days ago” so smug and conceited like it can do so much better. That is why I punish it – by keeping it turned off! HO.

  3. Oh my gosh I had NO idea where you were going with this. I mean I knew you would be cheating on Leland but you had me worried for awhile there sister!

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