Weeping Willow

October 18th, 2017


When I was young and innocence was fresh
I played under an old weeping willow.
I don’t know why it has such a sad name.
I had so much joy
hidden away in that fantasy land
dreaming and imagining under that tree
of my future and happiness and love.

Then life came along and I wasted
so much time weeping like that willow
that I almost forgot the times I played
and just knew my prince charming would come along.

What took you so long?

© 2007 Nan C.

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8 Responses to “Weeping Willow”

  1. Alpha says:

    I could not see you because the weeping willow tree had you hidden.
    So I cut it down and rescued you.
    Now you can dream with me and dream with no limits!!

  2. Dearest Nan,
    We can call ourselves very lucky for having laid on our back and staring at the clouds. Under a tree like you or amongst the many cherry and prune trees… Life was good for having had such a start!

    • Nan says:

      I so agree! I feel sorry for children raised without the benefit of dreaming and just being in a moment without actually DOING something.

      • Mariett says:

        Would love to place two hearts here but your settings don’t allow for right clicking my mouse… Also difficult for adding one’s URL. It might result in others not leaving any comment.

  3. Some things are definitely worth waiting for, but sometimes that feels less obvious in real time.

    • Nan says:

      True, true! I had no idea when I was lying there dreaming that THE best thing ever would happen to me in the form of Alpha Hubby!

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