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What Is In A Face?

couple contrast
Couples in Contrast

I remember when I was younger and a friend and I saw an “older” couple walking down the street holding hands, I thought “Aww, how sweet” and she was grossed out. She didn’t believe it was appropriate for old people (they were probably in their 50’s!) to act like that. She thought they should keep those public displays of affection to themselves, at home.  I wonder what she thinks now, years later?

So many times youth judge older people harshly, thinking they themselves will be young forever. Sometimes that is the one thing we like about getting a bit older – you know it will happen to everyone, even snot nosed young people!

Apple Dolls
Apple Dolls

I’m talking getting older through numbers, not aging.  Aging is actually a choice or default, not a set-in-stone fact. It is a choice as in, you choose to accept aging or feeling less than 100 percent; to accept aches and pains as normal and to give up or begin to think it’s “too much work!” to work against it.

Or can be a default as in, if you don’t make a decision, one will be made for you.  If you don’t take care of yourself your body and mind default to aches, pains, wrinkled skin, thinning hair, weight gain, thinking that it is normal or genes (tell that to Oleda Baker a beautiful 81 year old former model, below).

oleda baker 48 and 81
Oleda Baker 48 (L) and 81 (R)

As I began researching longevity, I studied things I could do to stay healthy and active, keeping my joints fluid, maintaining my skin, etc. What I learned astonished me. We have been sold a bill of goods that says “You must have these symptoms as you get age; it is a fact of life.”  LIE!

In case you doubt me, look at these pictures below (click to enlarge) – pay very careful attention (there is a reason):


80+ Woman
What we think 80 looks like


Daphne Selfe 83
Daphne Selfe 83
Daphne Selfe 83
Daphne Selfe 83


Christopher Plummer 80+
Christopher Plummer 82


Carmen Dell’Orefice, 82
Carmen Dell’Orefice, 82
Carmen Dell’Orefice 1 82 crop
She does admit to some work. Who cares?


Sister Madonna Buder
Sister Madonna Buder 82

Iron Nun Sister Madonna Buder

Iron Nun Sister Madonna Buder 82


Joyce & Authur George
Joyce & Authur George
(89 and 91)


Joyce Carpati 84 2016
Joyce Carpati 84 2016

Joyce Carpati 82 2014

Joyce Carpati 82 2014


Earl Cameron 96
Earl Cameron 96


Ready for what they all have in common?

The last time I did something like this for you, most of the people were in their 50’s and 60’s.  So did you notice what all these beauties had in common?  THEY ARE ALL 80 YEARS OLD OR OLDER

The first picture is close to what most people think eighty (80) should look like.  The rest?  Oh my gosh they are amazing people, full of life, still agile, still functioning in society, still beautiful or handsome, still working, and still taking care of themselves.  And most importantly, none of them badmouth themselves. They don’t tell “OLD” jokes. They talk energy. They talk life. They talk doing, being and thinking strong.

So you ask what this post is about?  If you are in your 20’s, 30′, 40’s START NOW.  It will be so much easier on you in your latter years.  You can live a long and productive – and beautiful – life if you plan for it.  It isn’t random. Every one of the real people above took care of themselves in one way or another.

And if you are over 40, it’s not too late to start taking excellent care of yourself instead of falling for the default. You know the one – where you joke about being or getting old, where you moan and groan and accept that you are supposed to feel old.  Where your mouth will undermine anything you try to do toward longevity.

As Carmen Dell’Orefice said, “…nothing on the outside is going to make a blind bit of difference unless you take care of the inside.”

But if you don’t also take care of the outside, then you will look like those apple dolls above – and we KNOW none of us really wants to look like that.

Research longevity.  If you’re even going to live what some think is normal – 80+ years – how do you want to live it?  Do you want to be in a wheelchair with your knees hurting and your mind wandering or gone?  Most of us will reach 80 (and beyond) but how you reach it and what shape you’re in is totally your choice.

Pay attention to what you’re saying.  Moisturize that face and decollete. Laugh a lot. Enjoy life. Dance in the rain and jump in water puddles. Begin to focus on longevity and make plans. You have all those above roll models (and believe me, there are far more) that prove you can live a long, strong, vital, and healthy life – and be beautiful while doing it!

What’s in a face?  Well that, my darlinks, is totally up to you.


1 = Random picture of 80 year old women

2-3 = Daphne Selfe, age 85 – called “World’s Oldest Supermodel”

4-5 = Christopher Plummer, age 84, oldest Actor to win Academy Award

6-7 = Carmen Dell’Orefice, age 84, current model (she is the only one who has had “a little work done”)

8-9 = The Iron Nun Sister Madonna Buder, age 84  The 82-year-old `Iron Nun` who has completed over 340 triathlons – almost one every month for 30 years AND didn’t start until she was 48.

10 = Joyce and Arthur George, ages 89 and 91, still teaching amateur roller skaters

12 – Earnestine Shepherd – turned 81 2016; Oldest winning bodybuilder

13-14 = Joyce Carpati  (or Yahoo article), age 84 = splits her time between Paris and New York and still works as a beauty consultant

13 – Earl Cameron, 96, One of first Black actors in UK television and film, and still active.


3 thoughts on “What Is In A Face?

  1. Dearest Nan,
    Living with an 87-year old makes me fully aware of what being 80 means.
    We all are aging but the point is to accept it and age gracefully.
    Nobody can remain young forever and it is already a miracle if you stay healthy.
    Dealing with CKD is not easy, especially having to live with all the dietary restrictions but we try to do the best we can.
    Loved your contribution in Celia’s blog!

  2. Spot on. Age is a state of mind – keep the grey matter ticking over and the body moving, continue to strive for new goals, laugh a lot (particularly at yourself) and life should be long and enjoyable. Nice post.

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