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Who’s Your Daddy?

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Whos your daddy

So my dad died in 2004.  It was sudden and unexpected.  I was on vacation and couldn’t get back before he moved on to heaven.  I am always grateful the last things we said to one another were things like “Love you” and we had hugged so I have no regrets but I’d sure like one more hug.  I have a small answering machine tape with his recorded voice on it that I listened to for days after he moved.

Dad2 cropped
Dad (late 1970’s early 80’s)

Even after all this time, it is really strange that I can’t celebrate Father’s Day with him.  I don’t like that because my parents were big on celebration blow-outs.  I am always grateful for how long I did have with him – he was 82 when he moved – but to me it is not long enough.  He should have stuck around longer!  It really points out how important it is to CHERISH your dad – mom – loved ones.  Cherish the love.

josh gramp
Burning Trash

He was an amazing father and an even more amazing grandfather.  Alpha Son had 22 years with his “gramps’ which is more than some people get.  Dad helped him enjoy life, laugh, play, work, and to have an amazing man’s influence until Alpha Hubby came along to complete the work.

And Alpha Hubby – what an amazing father he is.  He sure did not know what he was getting involved with when he got involved with me!  Or should I say us!!

leland Josh small
After chasing cows for hours

I loved Alpha Hubby when we married but the day he climbed in the little rubber swimming pool in his jeans to sit down and play with a little boy, then lose his dignity on a Slip ‘n Slide – well, I fell totally, irrevocably, completely, 100 percent in love forever. And ever.

Or maybe it is time time they were swimming in the Atlantic Ocean at Thanksgiving in New Hampshire – and the hotel clerk thought they were insane (cooooold).  Or the Texas Gulf in November.  Hotel swimming pools. The pool at our house.  They love playing in water.

He is the epitome of an amazing father and friend to Alpha Son and it is fun to watch them interact.  Watching them together has taught me a few things about a man being a dad.

A Dad Josh Moment

A dad should spend time with his kid(s) enjoying a hobby.  An accomplishment together makes excellent memories – and good food.

texas bay
Port O’Connor Texas

There should be adventures together, even studying jelly fish and murky bay water!

old pool

There should be much laughter and play time together, no matter how old you get.

There should be funny stories that defy time and grow with each telling.  I’m not sure Alpha Son will ever forgive him for telling him chocolate milk came from brown Swiss cows.  Or the time we were staying in a hotel and Alpha Son lovingly saved his leftover chicken strips only to find them gone in the morning.  He still holds a mean grudge about it.  That morning Alpha Hubby suddenly created the three-minute rule:  If is left alone for three minutes, it’s fair game – which was funny until he ate my big-time expensive cashews.

A father should be brave:

leland from phone 3
Bass Pro Shop
Springfield MO


His Arm

Hard working:

Moving Day

He should love God so he can be a good & wise leader:

Condo balcony
Condo balcony

And always be grateful for gifts received, no matter what they are!

Picture 147d (40) crop
Christmas – Again with the hot sauce?

He should also let his wife stick a camera in his face all the time, day or night, no matter how much he hates having his picture taken, then not become angry if she posts it online because she thinks it’s great or maybe funny, heh heh heh.  Sorry hunny bunches smoochy poo sweetums!  Bwaaaahaahaaaa.  The power of the pen – um, oh – the keyboard?

January 2010 caught off guard
January 2010 caught off guard

Yes, father’s have a mighty influence on their children no matter what age they are.  Probably the most important attribute a father can have is a fantastic sense of humor and lots and lots of patience.  Loooots of patience.  Oh, that’s not with the kids, no.  It’s with the wife who drives him crazy.  Because I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, The best thing a father can do for his children is to love their mother.” ― John Wooden????

HAPPY FATHER’S DAY to the love of my life and the man who helped Alpha Son become the amazing man he is today.  Alpha Son and I cherish your love, cherish the love and life we have together as a family, and cherish YOU.