I had a post last year on this same date:  With Or Without Him

In that post, I talked about how we were in the process of preparing for a move to another state (Texas). This is a semi-follow-through, an exact year later.

Exactly a year ago, we were preparing. We had yet to put the house on the market (it closed mid-December after a month on market). Now, even though I’m no longer living with boxes surrounding me, I have a leetle issue because every. single. thing I own other than hotel-stuff is sitting in storage – 3 units to be exact.

With few changes from last year’s conversation:

Me: Have you seen my such-and-such item? I could have sworn it was here in the luggage. (Some little something, like extra laptop gadgets.)

AH: I’m pretty sure it’s the storage unit.

Me: Really? Are you kidding me? I use that all the time!!

AH: Well, if you didn’t want to know, you shouldn’t have asked me to help you pack the last of the stuff.

Me: I DIDN’T ask, you volunteered when I was packing to put stuff in storage from the house (we’d had a temp rental for the past 5 months).

AH: Well, if you didn’t want help, you shouldn’t have said yes when I asked if you needed help.

Me: (Smoke coming out ears)

Me: I guess I should have made a list of things NOT to go to any storage unit at all at this time.

AH: Well, I guess you should have.

End of discussion.

Again, this above discussion wasn’t done in anger but I now know he was being snarky. I know because he told me so.

Now we are sitting in a motel room, waiting to look at the home we are finally interested in. We can’t see it until Monday but we’ve been here a few days already.

In case you’ve forgotten or never experienced it, sitting in a motel room can be claustrophobic (especially if the telephone doesn’t work, the internet goes off from 1:30 p,m, to 5:00 p.m, the laundry area is out of order, the snack machine is out of order, the pop machine is out of order, and you have to use your imagination to even believe that’s a Continental breakfast).

All that can affect your attitude, which in turn makes you look at the other person with intent in your heart – intentions that God did not intend you to think about your loved one. It might have to involve repenting.

The most important thing is that he’s pretty good at finding things in said storage units. If not, he just buys me another (like a mug I can use in a microwave – since I haven’t used on in 9 years).

Since we saw this movie, he ALWAYS pulls that “with me or without me” card from the movie, Knight and Day (Tom Cruise, Cameron Diaz, hysterical). And he’s right. It IS important that we stay hooked together, against anything that would try to steal our togetherness.

Maybe sometimes things don’t go quite right. Sometimes you have to choose to be on each other’s side and not attack. But you know what? I am NOT looking a gift horse… um, gift Alpha Hubby in the mouth. We believe in other another, We stick together, like glue. Joined at the hips (personal joke).

He blesses me. He loves me. That is worth far more to me than anything else on this earth. So baby? I believe in you. I believe in the dream. I believe together we conquer!

The same back at ‘cha – I already know. He’s with me; I’m with him. It’s all good.

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