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You can be my hero, baby

I can be your hero baby
I can kiss away the pain
I will stand by you forever
You can take my breath away (Hero, Enrique Iglesias, 2001)

I don’t know why I’ve been fixated on Alpha Hubby lately, but there it is.  I am.  He’s been on my mind a lot.  Oh, not that he isn’t on my mind all the time (sorry babe, didn’t want you to freak there) – he is, really, ALL the time.  Really!  It’s a burden, truly. I’d like to think about other things… other people… but no.  I am fixated on Alpha Hubby.

Here’s the thing.  In a world full of wimps, blowhards, cheaters, playa’s, clowns, beaters, wussies, weenies, males (as opposed to being a man), whiners, slackers, couch potatoes, abusers, drinkers, and any other adjective applied to males out there.  In a world full of these whatevers, there are very few real men.

A real man protects, supports, believes in, loves unconditionally, romances, will stand by you forever, does not cheat no matter the provocation – and trust me on this – if you have a good man, some skank will want to come along and *try* to steal him.  Ask my how I know.  Yep, even in church, baby.  If I weren’t fully 100 percent guaranteed saved, she would have gone DOWN.  OK OK OK, I’m so over that.  Need to move on here.

*Ahem*  Where was I.  Oh yes, real men.  And how Alpha Hubby is helping me on this journey back into my Little Black Dress.  He is the total essence of what a real man is.  A man is a strange and rare phenomenon that few women have actually experienced. I’m sure all of us have experienced males in one form or another from a chauvinistic boss to a slimey cheating lying boozin’ rodeo ridin’ loose hipped self-named Mr. Wonderful icky ex.

Here is a truth.  Real men need to know they are your hero – that knight in shining armor who can ride in and rescue, fix and otherwise make life better for his woman.  Even if she doesn’t want or need him to.  Umm, ignore that.  It took me awhile to realize that men need to fix things.  When we women talk to them about our thoughts, sometimes they think that means we want them to FIX a problem when we just want them to listen to us.  But I digress. 

OK – the point of the blog today.  This song referenced, Hero by Enrique Iglesias, is so powerful.  Alpha Hubby tells me things like that all the time.  He asks me to dance around the house with him.  He asks if I’ll go wherever he goes (and I think I just proved that, didn’t I babe?).  He works hard for us.  He takes exquisite care of me.  He fixes things that I don’t even think need fixing. 

He builds me amazing flower gardens (all because I mentioned I always wanted one) – and fountains, and decks and 600 sq ft enclosed sunrooms (that was only supposed to be a small screened in patio). I loved it, it was an amazing room.  He made a way for a gas cookstove in a house with an electric one and no propane, created a bigger better kitchen just because… he loves me.  And he has stood by me on every diet, eating plan, and exercise program I’ve started, doing everything possible to help me.

A man knows when his woman doesn’t think he is a hero.  Pretty much everyone around them knows she doesn’t think he’s a hero, either.  It is in a woman’s power to build a man up and to knock him down – to be his cheerleader or his worst nightmare.  He doesn’t always want you to know you can have this power over him, but you can.  Right babe?  Babe?  Hello?

And I don’t tell him often enough what an amazing hero he is to me.

Baybay?  You are my hero.  I will dance with you.  I’ll go wherever you take us.  I would cry if I saw you crying.  I do tremble when you touch my lips.  I would die for you if necessary, and if I take your breath away, I’ll share mine with you – and I swear I will always be yours.

Thank you for helping me along this journey – for believing in me.  You prove patience really is a virtue.  You make it all worthwhile.

Whole lyrics to Hero HERE

(Earlier post from last year; posted while I’m offline).

28 thoughts on “You can be my hero, baby

  1. It’s so refreshing to see a woman who does not think that telling everyone she is in love with her husband is a no-no.
    I love mine too and aren’t they supposed to be our heroes? Our fixers? Our unconditional supporters and out number 1 fans???

    You go girl- and dont let anyone EVER make you feel like you are “less” than because you have a wonderful man that you are not ashamed to admit you love.

    GREAT post. Thanks for sharing:)

  2. What a lovely post, I can see the love (literally, there are hearts everywhere) After 8 years of marriage I’m sure The Hubs needs to hear he is my hero more often.

    Stopped in from Sits!

  3. This is my first time here. Love the blog! Its so pretty, so girly, love it! I will def. be back. thanks, and I love me some Enrique!!

  4. Wow! What an amazing post! I could feel the emotions through the computer! Yall have an amazing love for each other! I have been married for almost 3 months and can only pray that our relationship continues to evolve into somthing similar to the relationship you and your Alpha hubby have! I was sent over from Lady Blogger Society Social Tea Party!


  5. For you BayBay I can be your hero. I couldn’t be your hero without first earning your trust. The times I saved you from falling baseballs, each time you just sat there knowing or praying I would step in front of you and catch the ball that was headed straight for you. If you did not have confidence that I would and was capable you would have moved. You never blinked or even scrunched. I was beginning to think you were a magnet for foul balls. Thought maybe I should take a glove. Thanks for allowing me the privilege of saving even in the times you didn’t need saving.

  6. When I’m frustrated with something and just need to vent or talk it through until I’ve found my solution (needing a sounding board – wrote about that on my masters thesis for creative writing) – well, my guy OFFERS solutions, too. When I only need encouragement and a pat on the back. It must be a man-thing to discourage whiny communication! LOL

    Your posts always make me smile!!!

  7. ” Hubby is helping me on this journey back into my Little Black Dress.”
    This sentence is so sybolic and gorgeous.
    Nan, You are one of my Heros 🙂 xx Kisses from Mn.
    PS. love love love this song.

  8. This is wonderful. Something all women need to read “what a real man is”. I waited as well for mine to turn into something else… because the person I saw was pretty unbelievable. But then he just kept on being the same amazing person, day after day. They are one in a million, no? But well worth the wait.

  9. How cute are you too! I thought for a minute that I was reading an excerpt from the Bachelorette or something! I read this twice because it was so awesome! So is Alpha Hubby shareable?? lol

  10. I’m gonna go with Leland on this one…you make ME speechless too….and give me chill bumps and a few tears to my eyes. He is amazing, and so my dear, are YOU. Behind every good MAN is a good WOMAN!! Don’t ever forget that, as I know he sure hasn’t. And the comment above from the lady wanting to stay at your house to learn something????!!! Really! How magical that sounds! LOL, no one would want to be a fly on you lovebirds wall!! You can’t teach that kind kind of love, its earned, and ya’ll deserve every last drop of it, through thick and thin, your there for each other. Enrique sang the hero song on the today show the other day, to a lady in the crowd, it was beautiful, and that song fits for you both.
    Love you

  11. Can I come live at your house? Maybe I can learn something so my marriage can be amazing like yours seems to be.

  12. wow do i sure agree with Ann. I want what you guy’s have. I want to feel this way after years of marriage. I want an alpha hubby!

  13. That is so amazing to have this feeling after 16 years. You guys are so lucky. I am still waiting for mine. I want what you have.

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