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You can be my hero, baby

I can be your hero baby
I can kiss away the pain
I will stand by you forever
You can take my breath away (Hero, Enrique Iglesias, 2001)

I don’t know why I’ve been fixated on Alpha Hubby lately, but there it is.  I am.  He’s been on my mind a lot.  Oh, not that he isn’t on my mind all the time (sorry babe, didn’t want you to freak there) – he is, really, ALL the time.  Really!  It’s a burden, truly. I’d like to think about other things… other people… but no.  I am fixated on Alpha Hubby.

Here’s the thing.  In a world full of wimps, blowhards, cheaters, playa’s, clowns, beaters, wussies, weenies, males (as opposed to being a man), whiners, slackers, couch potatoes, abusers, drinkers, and any other adjective applied to males out there.  In a world full of these whatevers, there are very few real men.

A real man protects, supports, believes in, loves unconditionally, romances, will stand by you forever, does not cheat no matter the provocation – and trust me on this – if you have a good man, some skank will want to come along and *try* to steal him.  Ask my how I know.  Yep, even in church, baby.  If I weren’t fully 100 percent guaranteed saved, she would have gone DOWN.  OK OK OK, I’m so over that.  Need to move on here.

*Ahem*  Where was I.  Oh yes, real men.  And how Alpha Hubby is helping me on this journey back into my Little Black Dress.  He is the total essence of what a real man is.  A man is a strange and rare phenomenon that few women have actually experienced. I’m sure all of us have experienced males in one form or another frm a chauvinistic boss to a slimey cheating lying boozin’ rodeo ridin’ loose hipped self-named Mr. Wonderful icky ex.

Here is a truth.  Real men need to know they are your hero – that knight in shining armor who can ride in and rescue, fix and otherwise make life better for his woman.  Even if she doesn’t want or need him to.  Umm, ignore that.  It took me awhile to realize that men need to fix things.  When we women talk to them about our thoughts, sometimes they think that means we want them to FIX a problem when we just want them to listen to us.  But I digress. 

OK – the point of the blog today.  This song referenced, Hero by Enrique Iglesias, is so powerful.  Alpha Hubby tells me things like that all the time.  He asks me to dance around the house with him.  He asks if I’ll go wherever he goes (and I think I just proved that, didn’t I).  He works hard for us.  He takes exquisite care of me.  He fixes things that I don’t even need fixing. 

He builds me amazing flower gardens (all because I mentioned I always wanted one) – and fountains, and decks and 600 sq ft enclosed sunrooms (that was only supposed to be a small screened in patio).  I loved it, it was an amazing room.  And he has stood by me on every diet, eating plan, and exercise program I’ve started (and failed), doing everything possible to help me.

A man knows when his woman doesn’t think he is a hero.  Pretty much everyone around them knows she doesn’t think he’s a hero, either.  It is in a woman’s power to build a man up and to knock him down – to be his cheerleader or his worst nightmare.  He doesn’t always want you to know you can have this power over him, but you can.  Right babe?  Babe?  Hello?

And I don’t tell him often enough what an amazing hero he is to me.


Baybay?  You are my hero.  I will dance with you.  I’ll go wherever you take us.  I would cry if I saw you crying.  I do tremble when you touch my lips.  I would die for you if necessary, and if I take your breath away, I’ll share mine with you – and I swear I will always be yours.

Thank you for helping me along this journey – for believing in me.  You prove patience really is a virtue.  You make it all worthwhile.

Whole lyrics to Hero HERE

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