You Send Me

November 15th, 2017

Many of you won’t know this song’s original version (written and sung by Sam Cooke) – or the many remakes – but you may recognize it from the Cameron Diaz, Jude Law, Kate Winslet, Jack Black movie, “The Holiday”. It was in the ending scene where they are all dancing around the room at their New Year’s Eve party. You Send Me (that version was by Aretha Franklin).

I’ve been singing this to Leland lately – mostly the “you send me” and “you thrill me” parts. The other night we were in bed (and if you don’t know why, I am not going to tell you, nosy). Anyway, we were in the groove, the glow, the “I don’t smoke but if I did this is where I’d do it” part. I just started singing and when I got to the “you thrill me” part I get, “Well, of course I do. I’m Alpha.”

Ummm – that’s my fault. I am the one who explained to him what a true Alpha Male is and that he was one. Ever since then, he grabbed on to the concept and has run with it – and used it against me many, many times.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard, “Well, yeah, I’m Alpha” – sigh. It’s his answer to everything positive… about him.

I can’t complain – I love that we have these moments that are uniquely ours. I realize that many couples don’t have that – or the growth that comes from being together for a while AND working to keep the relationship valuable and precious.

couple scary woman

So many have been together awhile but have settled into a kind of scary, sniping, barely putting up with one another thang – and all the time swear, “Oh yes, we love one another.”  Ummm, not my idea of true love, for sure.

So that point is that we were standing at the kitchen sink yesterday. I had been contemplating our marriage and how very amazing it is and how different it is from so many other people’s marriages. I can count on one hand couples who have what I am so blessed to have.

I patted his butt and said, ‘You know, after 23 years I can say with confidence that what that guy said to me is true – I have been happier than I’ve ever been before in my entire life!”

You know what came forth…. “Well, of course you have been – I’m Alpha!” Ugh.

Of course, that is also one of the reason’s I’ve been happy – his humor (even when I want to pinch him)! He is perfect for me – strong enough to handle my very strong personality, able to jolly me when I’d rather sulk (not much anymore), completely and madly in love with me unconditionally, more powerful than a locomotive and able to leap tall buildings…. Oh wait, wrong hero. The rest IS Alpha, though.

More like faster than a charging bull and able to leap tall cows.

If you are in a relationship, protect it. Cherish it. Value it. Kiss him/her every day, often. Hug. Be intimate (which isn’t just s*x). Make sure they know that you appreciate them. Tell them why, specifically.

If you aren’t in a relationship, then you take care of yourself. Realize you ARE valuable and precious, in a relationship or not. Tell yourself why you’re a wonderful person. Watch your self-talk and make sure it’s positive. Cherish yourself. Value your uniqueness. Protect it.

Before Alpha Hubby came along, I had already developed the understanding that I was worthy of unconditional love and someone accepting me exactly as I was. Of course, I made changes and grew with him as a couple, but it was me he loved. ME. I knew I was valuable and precious and if someone didn’t know or respect that – buh-bye.

No, I didn’t date – why do you ask?

Yes, he still sends me and still thrills me. He will always do this because we made the determination that what we have is far too precious to mess around with. It is our first priority (after God) – protect that and everything else falls into place.

Oh I can hear it now – I know, I know, babe – it IS all because you’re Alpha.

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3 Responses to “You Send Me”

  1. Bluecottonmemory says:

    As always, you have explained true, lifelong love so wonderfully well!!!

    • LBDDiaries says:

      Thank you – those are words I treasure from a woman who writes so beautifully and expressively!

  2. Alpha says:

    Of course! I am Alpha!!!!

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