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Young At Heart (Redux)

(I’m Christmasing and cleaning and working the Challenge [down 7 pounds thankyouverymuch] and still unpacking right now, so this is a semi-sort-of-repeat, changed a bit)

While doing research, I came across this statement: “New adventures await everyone, regardless of age.”  Did you get that?  New adventures!  That actually fits with a statement I have adopted:  “It’s never too late to be who you want to be!”

I know people who are preparing to die in their 50’s.  It is a bit disconcerting to me because I know that, at worst people can live another 20 years after 50, and at best, into their 100’s living a good life (article on my website).   And even if you retire your attitude doesn’t have to be that “IT’S ALL OVER.”   After retirement at 65, my father was in the workforce for 20 more years at a different career that he absolutely loved.

Toward that end of the age of 29, many people get depressed and decide life will stink from that point forward.  I mean, after all, they’re headed to the dreaded OLD 30’s!  And just forget it; for sure life is over at 40.  Everything is going to go downhill according to the statistics, magazines, and supposed experts.  It is all over except the dying.

I remember dried apple dolls – that is what I used to think being over 40 was going to be like… dried up, ugly and just sitting around on the shelf. 

I am SO glad I was wrong!  Over 40, over 50, over 60, over 70, and yes, over 80 (ask my mom; well, you can’t since she’s now in heaven but she was vital up until she moved) – it is all in your mind, in your attitude, in your heart!

Think about all the people who began careers late in life (Col. Sanders and his Kentucky Fried Chicken, 60’s; Painter Grandma Moses; 70’s, and my all time favorite, Marjorie Newlin (above) who, at 72, got tired of asking people to help her lift a 50 bag of cat litter; so she began weight training – and then body building – and won awards against women half her age.  That woman rocked a bikini at 86!  Check out my posting: No Flab, No Polyester Knit, No Excuses which also includes a link to my website and an article about her.

I didn’t meet my KISA* until I was in my early 40’s.  That’s why I like the song’s Young At Heart.  The first line says it all, “Fairy tales can come true – it can happen to you – if you’re young at heart!”  This has proven to be very true in my life.

It is all a matter of perspective.  It really is all in your attitude.  If you think you are old, you are old – no matter what age that is.  If you will attack life and choose to delight in all it has to offer you, you will look at things differently.

After marrying in my 40’s, I made a decision that I was going to look at life as a gift to savor and enjoy to the maximum.  Life is just too short to do anything less.  I was just starting out on this fabulous journey with my man and I sure wasn’t going to prepare to die, retire from life or get old!

Together we do everything possible to live long and strong.  We work out, drink plenty of water and take our supplements.  We eat as healthy as possible, cutting out processed foods.  Of course, we have a most excellent sex life – I mean, after all, we ALL know sex is good for the heart, right?  RIGHT?

I am having such a riot!  My life is truly joyous – and it really is all a matter of perspective. Specific things in my life may not have been or be perfect – but I am either working on them or learning to let go or how to deal without losing my joy.

You know why attitude is vital?  No amount of worry, fretting, stressing or fear is ever going to change your circumstances.  Yet worrying, fretting, stressing and fear will not only make you old before your time, it will kill you.   You have the choice to choose life or to choose death; to choose joy or to choose unhappiness; to see half-full or half-empty; you don’t have to stay negative – just change your choices. 

Is your life almost over or is your life just getting richer and better?   Is there anything you wish you had done when you were younger?  WELL, DO IT NOW!  You are in a better position to do it right now, no matter what age you are.  If you really want to do something, NOW is the time.

Never stop growing, learning, stretching, and dancing!  Never quit experimenting with new things and ideas.  Never, ever give up HOPE.  If you lose that “starry-eyed-anything-can-happen” attitude, you will settle into a ho-hum life, waiting to die, wearing polyester and knit, oh my!!

Dreams can come true.  It is a matter of attitude – if you’re young at heart!


*knight in shining armor

Dedicated to my mom who live an amazingly full, vital life accomplishing far more than most women even dream of!  She’s on left next to my aunt.

In 20’s


At 86:

18 thoughts on “Young At Heart (Redux)

  1. Love the music!!!! LMAO!!!

    It is all about your attitude and outlook. I’m trying, but there are so many obstacles in the way. Very frustrating!

  2. There’s a woman at my gym who is drop dead gorgeous–tall, blond thin. She’s 70 but looks under 50. She just had surgery on her face for skin cancer and had to undergo a bigger procedure than planned–three days later, she was at the gym. She’s an absolute inspiration. I was never taught to work out or eat healthy until I discovered it on my own, and I’ll never go back!

  3. this woman wearing the bikini is 86 YEARS OLD???? nWHOOAAA o_OnI always laughed at my doctor when he wanted to tell me that sport’d be good for me….but now that I see this…well….’Okidoki doc…you were right!’ xDnnthx so much for stopping by at my blog AGAIN….although I didn’t answer. I’m sorry….I’m just so behind my schedule =(nnthank you for your lovely comments…I’m following you now.nnxoxo

  4. Your mom and Marjorie look radiant in their 80s and a great reminder that life doesn’t give up on us unless we give up on life. I will check out the New Zealand feature shortly. As for those dried apple dolls .. I’d never heard of such a toy and they are decidedly scary lol! :-)nLooking forward to more chats!nI’m a Team Hare member and have subscribed and more.nHave a Happy weekend!nElizabeth

  5. Your mom and Marjorie look radiant in their 80s and a great reminder that life doesn’t give up on us unless we give up on life. I will check out the New Zealand feature shortly. As for those dried apple dolls .. I’d never heard of such a toy and they are decidedly scary lol! :-)nLooking forward to more chats!nI’m a Team Hare member and have subscribed and more.nHave a Happy weekend!nElizabeth

  6. Thanks for much for stopping by my blog and commenting. What you said really made me think and your words were needed more than you even know!rnrnI’m on my way to check out your post over on Cate’s page, but will be back for more of yours. Thanks for this post as well. It’s inspiring and I can just tell what an amazing mom you have. Love the pics! I’m happy that she led such a vital life and she has an amazing daughter to show from it, too.

  7. Congrats, Nan! You deserve it. Heading my way there right know to read all about it and of course, living a comment. Its only polite to do so. Read you later!

  8. Age is definitely in the mind. My brother turned 30 last weekend and said it sucked. I told him that my 20s weren’t that great but I had vowed to make my 30s the best decade yet. Your mom looks adorable!

  9. What a great post. I am sure you Mother is very pleased that you dedicated this post to her.rnrnI am a new follower from Friday Follow Over 40. Would appreciate it if you could stop by and follow back.rnrnI am giving a Mrs Santa Claus apron away to one of my followers on December 5.

  10. Hi Nan! I really enjoyed reading your post! This is going to be a wonderful series. Another something to look forward to for me!nnHave a great weekend,nCandace

  11. Also, I am desperately trying to follow you but google is freaking out on me right now! For some reason it keeps linking to my husband’s info instead of mine… and he’s not logged in right now! I’ll be back tomorrow to try again!

  12. That’s awesome!!nnThank you for stopping by my blog today! I really appreciate all of your heart felt comments! They truly made my day! :)nnOf course you can link to my Proverbs 31 post! I would be absolutely honored!!!!!!

  13. Well, it was all your idea! I think this is going to be a fabulous series and it is going to change people.

  14. Thanks for the promo Nan! Your article is fabulous and I think I have that link working now too. Hopefully this series will inspire not only other midlifers, but the younger ones coming through behind us 🙂

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