(A re-do of a previous post to fill in while I’m away from my computer)

I can be your hero baby
I can kiss away the pain
I will stand by you forever
You can take my breath away (Hero, Enrique Iglesias, 2001)

In a world full of males (as opposed to being a man), wimps, blowhards, cheaters, playa’s, clowns, beaters, wussies, weenies, whiners, slackers, couch potatoes, abusers, drinkers, and any other adjective applied to males out there – in a world full of these whatevers, there are very few real men.

A real man protects, supports, believes in, loves unconditionally, romances, will stand by you forever, does not cheat no matter the provocation – and trust me on this – if you have a good man, some skank will want to come along and *try* to steal him.  Ask my how I know.  

Alpha Hubby is the total essence of what a real man is.  A “real man” is a strange and rare phenomenon that few women have actually experienced. I’m sure all of us have experienced males in one form or another from a chauvinistic boss to a slimey cheating lying boozin’ rodeo ridin’ loose hipped self-named Mr. Wonderful icky ex.

Here is a truth.  Real men need to know they are your hero – that knight in shining armor who can ride in and rescue, fix and otherwise make life better for his woman.  He knows she can take care of herself but he wants to give to her.  Alpha Hubby taught me this.  He is always saying, “Love is an Action Verb.  You can say you love but if you don’t act like it, if you don’t give to the other person, it isn’t real love.  It’s selfish.”

A man knows when his woman doesn’t think he is a hero.  Pretty much everyone around them knows she doesn’t think he’s a hero, either.  It is in a woman’s power to build a man up and in her power to knock him down – to be his cheerleader or his worst nightmare.  

Most women have no idea how much power they have over a man who loves her.  Others abuse that power.  He doesn’t always want you to know you can have this power over him, but you can.

For women, most of the time we look for words to express love.  Also flowers, gifts, chocolate, cards, or romantic gestures that only we know what they are because we don’t tell them because they should “just know”. 

For men, giving to his woman is an expression of love we don’t always recognize – going to work, handing over his paycheck, coming home to us every night, fixing things, building things, eating your cooking (ho).   Most are easily trained (smile) in that IF we tell them what means love to us, they will bend over backward to give us that.

Being your hero is a precious and valuable gift.  A woman can cut that off in an instant with a careless and thoughtless word, a rolled eye, or a attitude.  If he gives to you and you disrespect what he’s given, he will shut down and you will have lost something that will be very hard to get back.

Baybay?  You are my hero.  Thank you for giving and trusting me your heart.

I will dance with you.  I’ll go wherever you take us.  I would cry if I saw you crying.  I do tremble when you touch my lips.  I would die for you if necessary, and if I take your breath away, I’ll share mine with you – and I swear I will always be yours.

Thank you for helping me along this journey – for believing in me.  You prove patience really is a virtue.  You make it all worthwhile.  And I absolutely love every remodel, every addition, every flower and vegetable bed you’ve ever created for me.  Every. Little. Thing.  Everything that you’ve ever done for me.   NO ONE has ever given to or done for me any of the things you have done.  And I know it.  And I LOVE IT. 

My new closet??  IT’S SO FLUFFY (nod to Despicable Me)!!!

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