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Ta-Ta For Now

I’ve made a decision to stop posting for awhile. I’m going to go live life with Alpha Hubby rather than think everything that happens can be a good blog post.

I want to thank the people who were so faithful in making me feel good about posting. They were faithful to come read and comment (almost) every time I posted. This doesn’t count Alpha Hubby who did comment every single time.

Kim Robinson – My Inner Chick – Miss Kim has a platform as an advocate against domestic abuse. She has a beautiful way with words and talks about her sister Kay. She also encourages reading books – real, physical books with an array of topics from humor to inspiration. She’s an amazing woman who encourages the practice of sending notes and cards – in the MAIL rather than electronically.

Miss Suzanne – – Miss Suzanne is a humorous recovering lawyer who travels with her husband, Mr. Excitement. She posts amazing pictures of her travels, to the point I really enjoy arm chair traveling with her! She is also an amazing Zentangle fanatic (I had NO idea what that was until she introduced me to it. It’s a far more “professional” way of doodling, smile)!

Miss Celia – High Heeled Life – – a fascinating woman who has walked through some very tough times to come out on the other side glowing and walking in heels! She encourages people to live life to the fullest – no excuses! She also encourages the practice of sending real-live notes and cards, handwritten and thoughtful.

Then there are amazing bloggers who have visited over the years that I feel I almost know! e-friendships are a blast. All are wonderful bloggers, some have businesses, some just share good recipes, stories and pictures. I am listing them in no particular order. Go check them out & leave a comment.

Angie at

Mariette @

Mimi at

Maryleigh at

Gary at

Mary at

Author Natalie Damschroder at

Corinne at

Nancy at

3 thoughts on “Ta-Ta For Now

  1. Dearest Nan,
    Thank you for your email!
    Leland still has his FB account so that would be an opening too…
    Wishing you a quiet Advent season and stay cozy and warm.
    We have so many Christmas concerts and tomorrow we have to perform at the Christmas Revue; singing and moving/dancing.
    Will be happy when it’s over and than I can attack the house.
    All our old slide and movie projector items are sold, so lots of heavy boxes are gone.
    Feels good and the rest will disappear one by one.
    Looking forward to our way of Christmas, that is the pure religious way.
    We never have done the gift giving and we don’t decorate either.
    Very minimal with our hand carved wooden nativity.
    Sending you hugs and stay well!

  2. Dearest Nan,
    Can’t blame you for this decision and I myself often have thought about abandoning it… for a while or whatever.
    Well, i’m hoping to sell out my left-over e-commerce business so that would be one thing.
    Newly I got motivated for competing our travel stories, just for my dear husband to relive them while he’s still alive.
    But I’m not and never have been into the constant decorating mode.
    Some want to show off over and over how they rearranged things and added to their home.
    Not me. Just a simple lifestyle and being happy with what we have and keep!
    We stay in touch on FB!

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