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The thing is, I am addicted and I’m not ashamed to admit it and to feed that addiction as often as I can.  Not to things bad-for-you, really!  Well, according to ME.  Alpha Hubby tends to scowl at my addiction but that is because he likes to tell people he had to buy a car to carry home “… my own, my love… my… preciousssss!”  (Gollum, Lord of the Rings)

Yeah, it’s true.  When we lived in Vermont, we went over to Hampton Beach, NH.  Many, many, many lovely things on the beaches to fill my addiction needs.  They were everywhere.  It was heaven on earth.  It was happy happy joy joy.  And I picked up almost every thing I ran across.

I took my empty water bottles and filled them with the beautiful silky sand.  I gathered up amazingly beautiful rocks.  I had an addict’s field day.  But I swear, he did not buy that vehicle just to bring home my sandy friends.

When we began going to the Texas coast a few years back, I continued my addiction habits.  I filled the condo balcony with beauties, all precious to me in one way or another.  I drug them all home.  Didn’t do anything with them, you understand; I just had them.  Loved them.  Rubbed on them.  Remembered the good times.  Fought anyone who tried to take them away.

Sandpiper at ferry Port Aransas © Nan C Loyd

So here we are again in Texas for the next month.  Because I love Alpha Hubby more than seashells, I promised myself I would NOT fill my addiction needs until I figure out what to do with ALL the other items I’d picked up in the past. 

But… true love found a way. 

The first morning we were here, Alpha Hubby went out running before I got up.  I wandered into the kitchen later and happened to glance at the counter.  There it was.  True love’s precious… proof.

Alpha’s Love, © Nan C Loyd

 He loves me.  From my hair follicles to my toenails.  (Jill Scott, He Loves Me) .  Addictions and all.  HE is my  “… my own, my love… my… precious!”


The Calm; night, 2005, © Nan C Loyd
High winds, 2012 © Nan C Loyd
Sandpiper; reflection, © Nan C Loyd
Sand Dollar, © Nan C Loyd

Just a few pix from Texas!

8 thoughts on “Addictions

  1. What a sweet, sweet, sweet guy!! He truly is thoughtful. I love that sand dollar. Did you really see that on the beach? It’s so perfect. I also love the beach. I don’t get to see it nearly enough. Sigh. Looks lovely:)

  2. One of my sons does an amazing Gollum imitation! LOL – You need to hear about the Great Sand Dollar Massacre of 78 (or something like that) when my MIL found gazillions (well, not that many) of sand dollars on the beach, well, who never made it back to the ocean! She is still filled with remorse to this day for the, sniff, senseless kill.

    I think you have an awesome Alpha Hubby! And I think you have a joy for life that is contagious! Wishing you much blessing from your beach trip!

  3. You would have loved St Croix. There was a small island off the south shore that was named shell Island. It was actually created by man, dredging for the harbor, it is basically this mountain of shells surrounded by beautiful ocean. I cool spot.

    Also have to say while I have been away from your blog a long time putting every free second into Pamela’s work. You remind me to be grateful for her. I love the message that rings through all of your posts.

  4. Where in Texas? I just got home from a trip to Texas!

    If you love seashells, then you and alpha MUST come visit us in Florida…….we are the capital of seashells! Promise!!! We can even take you to shell island!

    Come on, you know you want to!

  5. I love your pictures especially the sandpiper reflected in the sand. You make me want to go to the beach RIGHT NOW. And that your Alpha brought you seashells. Well that really is true love!

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