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Gee Baby, Ain’t I Good To You

Alpha Hubby is always telling me how good I treat him.

I always reply, “Yeah, but I could do better.”

He always seems a bit confused and says, “Umm, no?”

But the truth of the matter is that with the loved ones in our lives, we can ALWAYS do better.  We can be more patient.  More understanding.  More giving.  More thoughtful.  More loving.  More like we were when we first fell in love with them.  More about them and less about ourselves.

I never feel I do enough for him  because this guy is ALWAYS giving.   I have never been treated the way he treats me.   He really is good to me!  If every man on earth learned Alpha Hubby’s tricks of the trade, his ways, his sneakiness in fighting …

…we have our moments.  To those of you who think I only share the good in our marriage, that I’m not being honest about our relationship, I offer this sordid and sad tale.

I got upset last night because he interrupted me AGAIN and missed my point altogether.  Not that I’ve EVAH done that to him, nope.  Only the first 3/4ths of our marriage.

I was running my mouth, “Oh my gosh, you are getting worse!”  Of course he was headed to bed and nothing better get in the way of his bedtime.  He gets a bit… shall we say touchy?  Whiney?  Gripey?  Mouthy?  Growly?  I never hear the end of it when he gets to bed late.  But my point was valid even though my timing was lousy.

He said, “Get over yourself.  You are such an onion girl!”  

Hey, I know I have layers.  However, I would prefer to be called Parfait Girl.  Parfaits have layers. 

 He muttered on, oh so dramatically.

I said, “Oh, quit being such a Drama King.”

“Onion girl!”

“Drama King!!”

Oh yeah, we’re in a smack down now!! 

Then, of course, in order to win, HE CHEATS.  He stomps over and says, “Kiss me!”

“NO NO,” I yell, “NO kissing.  I’m not kissing you.  Go away, there are no good-night kisses for you!”  Yes, we are a very mature couple.  Why do you ask?

He uses brute strength, grabbing my head trying to kiss me.  I keep my lips closed, keeping that kiss from happening.  I have standards, you know.  I can’t give him his way.  That would just be wrong.

“Stop it! NO kissing, no kissing!”

He just laughs that evil laugh.  Then, he wins.  Cheating, of course.  He licks me.  On the lips. Like a dog.

Ewwwww – I hate lip licking.  HATE being licked on the lips.  Blech.

I give up, especially since I’m wiping my lips on his shirt and laughing so hard, I can’t win.  I kiss him.

*Sigh*  I know.  It is minus-1 for the female team. 

But for some reason, I can’t help but not really care.

There you have it.  He’s good to me.  I’m good to him.  This is the truth of our marriage – immature fighting and major mature making up!

Oh yeah baby, you are good to me!

43 thoughts on “Gee Baby, Ain’t I Good To You

    1. Hey! Layers are a good thing – keeps them guessing. I’m enjoying your blog very much!

  1. Nan, I don’t know how you were able to keep a straight face after Alpha Hubby called you an onion! I would die laughing if the Significant Other said that to me. I had to smile as I read this post since it made me think that it’s hard to stay angry at someone when they make you laugh. Your man seems to know you quite well and hey, minus one for the woman’s team is nothing if lip licking is involved! ha! 🙂

  2. Hi – Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting at my blog today. I appreciate what you said, and right now I feel like I’m sitting in a dark smoky lounge listening to jazz as I respond to your post! (I used to LOVE dark and smoky lounges…)

    I’m glad to have found your blog. It’s great, and your post today sounds like you and the Alpha have some similarities to me and my ASSa! He’s also good, giving, endless patient, and I tend to be the fishwife with him. You’re so right…we can always do better with the ones we love.

    1. I love jazz music along with the blues! Smoky lounges. Wow blast from the past for sure!

  3. LOL, this was adorable. I love y’all. And coincidentally Petey licked me on the lips today. Not Eric. Petey. Eric left for work before I woke up. I think I’d rather be licked by Eric 🙂

    p.s. Thank you for all you are doing. I am burning the candle at both ends, and I am so scared I won’t say thank you adequately enough, but I saw your reviews out on Amazon and Smash and you ROCK. RAWK. RAHK!

  4. I love the term “Onion girl!” So funny…but so true!

    Kissing is a great way to make up…or stop an argument. 🙂

    More people should practice that technique.

    1. Alpha Hubby’s usual M.O. is to make me laugh – against my will. Works every time, darn it!

  5. HA HA.. You two crack me up! For the record I hate the licking too. =) But the kisses are a great way to diffuse an argument.

    Love ya… Onion Girl… I mean Parfait Girl.

  6. Once upon a time, long long ago – when my farm boy was courting me – he took me down to feed the cattle. I stood there reciting Shakespeare to them and thought they LOVED it – until I realized all they really wanted was the corn husks he had! A part of me really believes they loved my Shakespeare. I expected them to hold up lighters any minute. Farm boy became an EE without any cows:(

  7. minus one for the girls is sometimes really a win! LOL – True love just won’t let petty things get in the way! One thing I’ve learned – you can’t get in the way of a man’s bedtime! LOL

  8. Ohmygoodness, I wish I could do that! I wish I could let to and kiss my hubby when we fight!
    When we were dating we had a fight one day. He went into another room. Then came back. Wearing a long, shaggy, black wig and tried to talk seriously to my. How could I not laugh when he looked so rediculous! He had me. That was it. I was forever his after that.

    1. It IS those small things that make us love them. I loved this story! As for letting go? I’ve never had a chance against his humor. He just stays calm (I’m more “boil over”). It works.

  9. Every marriage has its moments but your alpha hubby does sound like he knows how to win you over. And good on him – I heard some advice at a wedding just before I married, ‘Never let the sun go down on your anger’ and it’s a good thing to remember on days that are more challenging xx

    1. So true. It didn’t say you wouldn’t get angry just don’t hold on to it. I look back and we actually only had one big fight that lasted 3 days of not talking. So not worth it and something so stupid neither of us can remember what it was!

  10. LOL- sounds like our fights- sometimes even when we’re – know- BUSY- JC will give me an elbow to the face…and we laugh…and I usually “snort”….and then its over. And I wouldnt have it any other way.
    hahahahahaha 🙂
    I hope we never grow up.

    1. You gotta leave your web info so we can all visit you, too! I love this comment, elbows in face, snorting – we are such romantical creatures!

    1. Well, old friend, why haven’t you left comments? Are you sneaking around in the background? You always make me feel good about what I write – thank you!

  11. What comes first, the song or the blog post? You always seem to have the perfect song for what you write. And you were so funny with this “no kisses for you” thing. Are you for real or do you ever really fight? doesn’t really matter, love your blog so much.

  12. OMG Nann… Is that the trade off with the good ones? Rigidity at bedtime? (and I don’t mean THAT kind of rigid…) Mine acts like he’ll turn into a pumpkin if he doesn’t get to bed at the exact time he’s supposed to. We actually call it “pumpkin time”. LOL I get a wet finger in the ear (God, this whole comment could go so far South in an instant) when we fight. I always give in too. Eventually.

    Lordy, I just love reading about you and Alpha. Smiles for days…

  13. Didn’t I hear that song in The Mask with Cameron Diaz? I always liked it. I have to tell you I love the description of your marriage: immature fighting and mature making up. Sounds good to me!

  14. Love the many layers observations ( I’m so that one too) and yes, parfait!!! LOL… Your post brought a huge smile to my face and my evening! Thank you for always sharing, inspiring and encouraging. XO Hugs and Blessings. HHL

    1. PARFAIT, PARFAIT GIRL. Geez you’d think at least you, my dear, dear friend, would get it right! We love you back. And yeah, giving in was a given!

  15. How is it that you can tell these, what for others would be ordinary, stories and they always make me laugh? You two sound like you have a lot of fun. I guess wisdom comes with *cough* age, right?

    1. It is a good thing we are friends otherwise I’d have to take exception to that “age” statement. You are ONLY 4 years younger, my dear.

  16. Oh, were we fighting? Two things you should never do to Alpha:

    1) don’t mess around with his food (when he is really hungry)
    2) don’t mess with his sleep after a full day of dragon slaying (saving his damsel) when he is really tired.

    This is equal to taking a stick and poking a grizzly in the winter (sleepy and hungry). After all, I have to get my rest because tomorrow on my to do list there are more dragons to be slayed.

    If you obey those two rules, your life will go well! But, if you break those two rules you will be on the dark side of ALPHA! An area where no person in their right mind really wants to go. Are you scared yet?

    1. Yeah, yeah, sure, sure. So you’re saying you have PMS? Pretty Mean and Scary?

      Actually, I know you are growly when you pass your normal to-bed time since you work almost all the time for us. So thank you for not tearing my throat out baby!

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