A Very Merry Christmas Redux

December 15th, 2016

Merry Christmas! I am regurgitating a previous post, slightly rewritten. I’m lazy right now about posting because Alpha Hubby and I have been playing a lot.

stockings fishnet

stockings fishnet

So anyway my dear peeps, I hope all your fishnet stockings are hung by the chimney with care (wouldn’t want to snag them!)

And I do hope you leave out some lovely things out for Santa. No, NOT milk and cookies.



While you’re waiting in front of the


so you can give personal attention to your very own special “Santa”

couple santa hat

Merry Christmas Baby!

While you’re enjoying the

musical notes


and this



and this

Santa and his helper relax

Santa and his little helper relax

Let us not forget the true meaning, the real reason for this Season:



A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS from our house to yours!



10 Responses to “A Very Merry Christmas Redux”

  1. It makes me think about last christmas, look forward to christmas now. Merry christmas to you!!!

  2. I love this side of Christmas haha! So much more fun than traditional stuffs

  3. Alpha says:

    I so look forward to Christmas! Yippee! I wonder how she knew what I wanted for Christmas?

  4. Merz says:

    As usual you bring a totally different perspective to Christmas. I really like your relationship with your Alpha Hubby.

    • Nan says:

      Thanks! I like to think people like to know there is such a thing as a “HOT” Christmas celebration!!

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