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Boomp boomp boomp…

… ANOTHER ONE BITES THE DUST!  And another one’s down and another one’s gone – another one bites the dust – HOORAY!

After the weekend with the crackers and cream cheese, I haven’t been on the scale since Friday.  I was skeert – ‘fraidy catified – trembling in my boots.  I didn’t not want to see the scale go up after all this hard work.  So I waited… until this morning.  And I’ve lost another 1.5 pounds – HOO YAH!!

Of course, since Sunday, I’ve only had light breakfast and a salad and a small piece of lean meat.  And water.  Oh, and unpasteurized milk which is a meal in itself!  I balanced myself after the slight … mmm … shall we say PIGGING OUT? … I had with the crackers and cream cheese.  Like I said, it isn’t that either is bad-to-the bone for most people.  Just me.  Cream cheese and I do not get along but I like it soooo much.

So another lesson learned.  If you have a slight piggy moment, just make it up somewhere along the line with less calories, more cardio, more water, or whatever it is you need to do in your own program.  For me, it was about taking a day or two and eating less to make up for the more I had over the weekend.  That way I don’t beat myself up for eating bad-to-the bone food choices and I also don’t quit my program.

Look out Little Black Dress – here I come!!!

p.s. – I dug out all my LBD’s (and a couple of spotted LBD’s and one grey sexy number) and was astonished how many different sizes I own.  It borders on the ridiculous!  I have no excuse except to say that I love LBDs and find them easy to dress up or down!  I am getting ready to take pictures of them all in the various sizes then find the one I am heading for first!  And oooo baby, you should SEE my final dress – it’s drop-dead gorgeous and I didn’t even remember buying it as a “someday” dress!


  Hey – I even own one that looks like this – just not as tight!  Kool!!