This is our first post. Two of us… um… gently plus sized women are going to get back into our favorite little black dresses (LBD)! Yes, yes, this is a fat loss diary, with a twist.

One of us was told recently, “You will get skinny, you will eat right, you will exercise, or you will die” and the other began having trouble walking because of the weight being placed in knees that had been stressed in a former car accident. Unfortunately, it has taken bad news to force us to see the error of our ways, eating and lifestyle of – sloth? Lasciviousness? Laziness? Slackness? Excuses? Ah heck, you fill in the blanks – we’ve used them all!

We will be blogging several times a week about our journey back into our little black dresses. While this is a form of accountability, we’d rather think of it as a way to share our progress, victories, and such with others who are on this journey. We opted to laugh while we work toward our goals – it’s much healither for us than crying!

While it may come across as light and fluffy, we intend to share pertinent information with you to help you in your own journey to your LBD! To that end, our blog will be linked to our website, (which is just now “in progress”). There you will find all sorts of information to help you cut through all the *ahem* (shall we say crap?) out there. There will also be healthy recipes that don’t taste like cardboard, facts, figures, and whatnot.

Our journey is all about eating right, drinking plenty of water and exercising. No special thing except dealing with the trouble people have with eating right, drinking plenty of water and exercising. HEY – if it was easy, everyone would be doing it and we wouldn’t have the obesity epidemic we have in the United States today.

Remember, we are just two women walking (and jogging and rowing and eliptical-ing and treadmilling and pedaling) a voyage to our particular goal, our LBDs! We’re not professing to be doctors, professionals of any sort, or have a plan for everyone. Between us we have enough combined information to fill a million books – all plucked from the million of books about weight loss on our own bookshelves, downloads, websites, newsletters, etc. We want to cut through that aforementioned crap and hopefully help you find a simple journey to your own LBD or other goal.

We hope you will join in our journey and enjoy the ride… and walk and row and jog… !

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