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When food goes bbbb-bad…(redux)

No, I don’t mean bad as in rancid, smelly or so old, it has to be thrown out.  I mean bad as in… well, think of a nice friendly family dog going bad.  Rabid, snarly, turning on you, foaming at the mouth.  Not your friend.  Or bad-to-the-bone as in major sinful and if you indulge, you will feel guilty the rest of your life, haunted by memories of things done in the dark that you shouldn’t have done.

Recently I looked at foods I knew were not good for me and they had suddenly become my enemy.  They had turned bad-to-the-bone.  They tried to trick me with the siren call, “Oh come on, just one won’t hurt you.  Really! Don’t you trust me?”  I would be lured into the cabinet or fridge or freezer by these voices of foods gone bad-to-the-bone. 

Which takes me back to an earlier blog about GETTING EVERYTHING OUT OF THE HOUSE THAT YOU KNOW YOU DON’T WANT TO EAT.  For me it was crackers, lovely little buttery crackers, crackers that “everything tastes better because it is sitting on one of those crackers” crackers.  You know the ones I mean.  And since those crackers absolutely must have something sitting on them, we talking the need for peanut butter and also cream cheese. 

These are foods that, if they are in the pantry or fridge, I will be led by my flesh and drawn over the dark side of the kitchen.  I can spend time looking for those bad, bad foods.  I cry out to them, seeking and searching for my old companions.  I am NOT a happy camper when I can’t find one thing to indulge in that I wasn’t supposed to.  No crackers, no peanut butter, no chocolate, no cookies, and no chips either!  Yet I would have this burning need to eat something like that!

This leads me to believe, by the light of the new day, that it is not easy to break that habit of nibbling on those foods gone bad for you.  I thought knowing they were out of the house would keep me from searching the cabinets for them – I was wrong.  I actually had the thought that perhaps there was one little bag of something in the back of the pantry that I missed.

I am eternally grateful that I got all the foods out of the house that I don’t want to indulge in.  I guess that means there is no darkside in my kitchen anymore.  Well hooray.  So why am I not happier about that right now?

  …bbbbbb bad!

2 thoughts on “When food goes bbbb-bad…(redux)

  1. The call of sirens is the obstacle that we must overcome. Actually the sirens can be different for all of us. For me it was suzy Q’s. They would call me, especially when I had been working long hours finding me in my weakest state. Thus caving in to the desire and going to the vending machine. I thought I could overcome it by not carrying money with me and that did help but there is always an enabler, loaning me the money and the interest that was charged was very steep. More weight gain, guilt trips, and voices of failed again. I learned to not work long hours consistently, and eat live foods. When doing this the call (cravings) became fainter and my body begin to crave good foods to the point I no longer hear the siren.

  2. Yeah! We had to clear out our cupboards when we decided to get healthy. Tim likes to eat cake – a whole cake – by himself. So I stopped baking so much, too. 🙂

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