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Alpha Post – Sugar

There are problems with eating sugar beyond what you have listed in the Sugar post.  For years we have consumed sugar unaware because it is in processed foods, fast foods, and even in health foods. When I got off sugar my cravings went away.  I have been off the refined** sugars for at least two..

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Sugar… Ah honey honey!

What to blog about on a beautiful Tews Day morning.  How about… hummingbirds?  And SUGAR? Have you ever noticed how hyper hummingbirds are?  I have to wonder if it isn’t because of all that sugar they drink from feeders with homemade feeder syrup – sugar, water and food coloring!  Makes you wonder about your own..

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Alpha Post – Interval Training

I don’t know what it is about the wind sprint type exercise but it really works.  My body got used to the routine I was doing and results stopped.  Nan experimented with me with this type of exercise (interval); although I argued with her, I tried it and began to get almost immediate results.  Of..

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