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High Gag Factor

  An Open Letter to my love, with help from a song’s lyrics.  High Gag Factor. ** Ordinary no, I really don’t think so Not a love this true Common destiny, we were meant to be Me and you When I think how I challenged God by saying, “I will never get married again, ever!..

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Once upon a time… He Found Me

The player down on the right side, bottom, has a lot of soft jazz, sexy, oldies, and other various love songs. Click to start and it will automatically play them all. This is the story about a girl who met a boy who loved the girl completely, totally, unconditionally almost from the moment he met..

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I’m So Grateful

Before I continue with the Touch Series purge (if I even choose to continue), I decided it was more important to stop and express gratitude. First and foremost over everything else, I am grateful God loves me and Jesus died for me. Unless one has experienced this, there is no way to really explain how..

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