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Oh Happy Day!

Valentine’s Song, Your Precious Love (Marvin Gaye, Tammi Terrell) http://youtu.be/UuBKwCG-n-E ****************   This is the e-Valentine Alpha Hubby sends me almost every year.  Sometimes he adds, “Please?” and sometimes not.  I remember the first time I received it.  I laughed and laughed and laughed.  Not because of any reason except I loved it.  Totally. It typifies Alpha..

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He Is Everything

Today’s Song:  Everything (Michale Buble)  Lyrics here: http://lbddiaries.com/blog/everything/ http://youtu.be/dbQvxo50GQU ============================================ Sometimes I get emails from women accusing me of not keeping it real, of shading or only sharing the good stuff about my relationship with Alpha Hubby. You wanna know the bad stuff?  Huh?  The ugly stuff? You REALLY want to know?  You want to get..

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Living with the Alpha Male, Redux

Years ago, I heard a description of Alpha Male in relation to wolves.  Every wolf pack has a leader.  This leader is known as the Alpha Animal who dominates and leads the other members of the pack.  The Alpha is the boss who makes decisions for the entire pack.  The Alpha trait is to do..

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